Truebike Allroad

Truebike ALLROAD was designed as universal, all terrain 36″ wheeled bicycle which overcomes every obstacle you can meet on your journey, if it’s just a relax ride behind the yard or long distance bikepacking trip.The steel frame with rigid steel fork gives the bike stiffness while still maintains a certain flexibility to get an optimal riding experience. We offer three sizes of the frames that fit the full range of riders height starts from 165cm to over 200 cm. It is bespoke production so each bike is fully customized by its future owner. We offer two options for rims and tires, all other used components are standard.
The approximate price for Truebike ALLROAD with Nimbus 36″ Stealth2 rims, Nimbus 36″ Nightrider tires and complete Shimano XT line (gears, levers, brakes, discs, cranks) is €3900. Write us to get quotation for your dream bike. To see geometry of the frame download ORDER FORM in section ORDERING.