Truebike Mtb

Truebike MTB was created for those riders who love the trails in woods the most and want to take advantage of the big wheels. Or just for tall riders over 190 cm who are tired of kid’s size of their current MTB bike. This creature comes with custom alloy frame designed to ride any trial or long distance bikepacking trip. It is suspended by inverted telescopic fork at the front. The higher tractability is reached by lowered weight using lighter rims and tires… The approximate price for Truebike MTB with Alchemist Braus 36″ carbon rims, Vee Rubber Trax-Monster 36″ Tire and complete Shimano XT line (gears, levers, brakes, discs, cranks) is €5760. Write us to get quotation for your dream bike. To see geometry of the frame download ORDER FORM in section ORDERING.