Truebike Road

As a big wheels lovers we are decided to bring you, people, the first ever a real road 36er bicycle! It means the diameter of the wheels is apparent but the width is only 28 mm, like your road rocket in the garage. But this time it is something really special: the custom made aluminum frame and carbon fork, aluminum rims and airless tires (because there is no producer of standard tire yet) made of very stiff and light polymer material called Aither.  The frame comes in one size only fits to riders from 180 cm up to over 200 cm.

The approximate price for Truebike ROAD with Shimano ULTEGRA line (gears, levers, brakes, discs, cranks) is €5900. Write us to get quotation for your dream road bike. To see geometry of the frame download ORDER FORM in section ORDERING.