The true 36 inch wheeled bicycle

People say the riding of bicycle makes you happy but for most of them it is just an empty phrase. Do you know why? They don’t ride a proper bicycle and they’ve never known a real joy of riding. Truebike, the unique 36 inch wheeled bicycle! This bicycle gives you the real feeling that you ride something special. It is not only look amazing but you can have an extraordinary riding experience, too. It’s like riding a limo with a sports engine. Comfort meets elegance. And if you take part in some kind of race, doesn’t matter if you win, be sure that everybody will notice you. You can feel like a champion, this bike gives you an attention of audience. So push your ride to another level!


Overcome obstacles

Rolling over rocks, roots, curbs and stairs is smooth thanks to the big wheels. The riding through obstacles is now easy as Sunday morning. The big diameter of the wheel causes that the angle you need to overcome is low and you don’t need to use any force to pull up the front of the bike. Just don’t stop to pedal, Truebike goes like a tank straight ahead…

Comfortable ride

Higher air volume in tires makes your ride more comfortable and you don’t need any suspension. You can change the pressure in tires according to the surface to reach perfect feeling. The combination of all previous characteristics gives you the new experience of comfortable ride beyond all expectations.

Reach higher speed

It is obvious that if we use standard gears but bigger wheels, the speed you can reach is higher because one pedal revolution covers longer distance of the bicycle. You will need more power of course but once you reach the wanted speed you can maintain it very easy…

Unique design

You can be sure that you are the one and only with such a bike when you hit the road. Our production is bespoke! It means you can control the whole process of the production of your dream bike. You can choose not only colours of the parts, size of the frame but also equipment. Thus, you can fully customise your bike as you wish.

Better tractability

Due to the position of the center of gravity of your body which is closer relative to the wheel axles, the feeling of the riding is different. You feel yourself more IN than ON the bicycle. Then the ride is more stable. Thanks to the longer inertia of the wheels the gyroscopic moment is huge, the bike keeps direction and you can ride with hands up anytime even at low speed.

Perfect fit

Despite the big wheels, the geometry of frame is developed for a wide range of riders. The rider’s position is like on standard cross or MTB bike, the only difference: big wheels as a bonus! Three sizes of the frame combined with proper components fit the vast scale of various heights of bikers. Truebike is suggested for riders from 1.65m to more than 2 meters. And the tall riders don’t seem like riding the toy bike at last!

Truebike Allroad

Truebike ALLROAD was designed as universal, all terrain 36″ wheeled bicycle which overcomes every obstacle you can meet on your journey, if it’s just a relax ride behide the yard or long distance bikepacking trip.The steel frame with rigit steel fork gives the bike stiffnes while still maintains a certain flexibility to get an optimal riding experience…

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Truebike Commuter

Truebike COMMUTER is updated Allroad model equiped by fenders and racks. It’s a real city cruiser which can whizz through any curb or pothole in any city jungle. There no bad wheather for cycling anymore, it makes it ideal commuter…

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Truebike Mtb

Truebike MTB was created for those riders who love the trails in woods the most and want to take advantage of the big wheels. Or just for tall riders over 190 cm who are tired of kid’s size of their current MTB bike. This creature comes with custom alloy frame desinged to ride any trial or long distance bikepacking trip…

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Truebike Road

As a big wheels lovers we are decided to bring you, people, the first ever a real road 36er bicycle! It means the diameter of the wheels is apparent but the width is only 28 mm, like your road rocket in the garage. But this time it is something really special…

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Each and every one of our frames is unique, numbered and built according to a custom order. We do not build stock frames. Not two of our bicycles are completely identical. Geometry of the frame is designed so that three sizes fit the full range of riders height (additionally using different stem, seatpost, handlebars etc.). We believe that the birth of a bicycle is an adventure worth sharing with the customer…

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